19 Years in the game
433 Certified facilitators
159,250 Participant experiences (and counting)
61 Countries

ExperiencePoint is an award winning training company that develops business simulations for leadership development in the areas of change management and innovation.

We’re known for realistic simulation experiences that challenge you to roll up your sleeves and learn the Whats, Whys and Hows of leading change and innovation.

We work with most of Fortune’s top 100 companies and the world’s leading business schools.


Make experience a better teacher by making it faster, safer, and sharply focused.


Create the most compelling learning company by leading the training & consulting industry’s transition to experience-based learning.


We learn by doing.

Experiment to explore and understand

Make mistakes and fail better

Have the humility to listen, ask for help, and try again

We serve our clients and one another with authenticity and excellence.

Give more than we take

Under-promise and over-deliver

Follow up fast

We build products, relationships and the business.

Start with desirability

Play offense

Believe anything is possible

We own our work and the way we get it done.

Put first things first

Do the right thing

Do what it takes

At the end of day, family comes first.