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David Haapalehto

David Haapalehto

Director of Project Management and Process Optimization

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David Haapalehto has been intrigued by technology’s roles in boosting connection, efficiency and education as long as he can remember. This interest continues to inspire him each day as the Director of Project Management and Process Optimization at ExperiencePoint.


In his role, Haapalehto serves as ExperiencePoint’s catalyst for collaboration — leading and cheering on the creative and technical professionals that build the company’s flagship products and internal tools.


Always a computer whiz, Haapalehto began his professional journey in high school, when a co-op placement led to him to be hired by 3D graphics software company, Alias Systems. He remained  on as a technical consultant, while completing a Bachelor of Arts in digital enterprise management from the University of Toronto and a certificate in digital communication from Sheridan College.


It was in 2008, at a university seminar that he connected with ExperiencePoint co-founder James Chisolm, and subsequently joined the company as a project manager. Since that time, Haapalehto has proven himself as a crucial member of the team, who strives to ensure the company continually innovates across its product development and creative functions.


Exploration has always been a key theme both in Haapalehto’s professional and personal life. A lover of games and puzzles, he is constantly seeking out new experiences and is intrigued by emerging and disruptive business models built to create a lasting, positive impact on the world.