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A lasting culture of innovation

Innovation only sticks when it becomes a part of a company’s DNA. So we transfer the capability to build company-wide infrastructure that can support and sustain visionary change.

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Build and Sustain a Culture of Innovation

Research consistently shows a capability gap between innovation training and its implementation; few companies are able to make the leap from employee learning to organizational impact on their own. In fact, a recent cross-industry study by McKinsey & Company found that 70 percent of business transformations fail outright.

With our Training Method, we transform company culture to make innovation capabilities, mindsets and behaviors a part of an organization’s core. We provide a roadmap, leadership and enterprise-wide training in human-centered design, the transfer of innovation capability-building and the tools and workshops to catalyze and sustain the use of human-centered approaches in every part of an organization. Unlike consultants, we train companies to renovate culture and build infrastructure themselves, so that their innovative future is in their own hands.

Training People

Enable your people with the right skills

Training Organizations

Create the right conditions

Culture Of Innovation

Culture of Innovation

A roadmap to a culture of innovation

Our Training Method consists of a three-step roadmap to a culture of innovation, calibrated to transfer our proven expertise to clients and to touch all layers of an organization.

Workforce Transformation - ACTIVATE


Training in human-centered design begins with key stakeholders and leaders, while transformation ambassadors — catalysts — are mobilized to accelerate the journey to a culture of innovation. A core team is identified and with an agile and expert-led sprint, they develop a plan to sustain the innovation journey while considering their organizations’ unique norms, rhythms, processes and systems that could benefit or hinder success.

Workforce Transformation - TRANSFER


This phase is where ExperiencePoint innovation expertise is transferred to catalysts. They are trained to deliver our workshops across all levels of the organization and to shepherd the roadmap to a culture of innovation. They help develop talent from within and establish the internal confidence required for human-centered design to be successfully entrenched in people and an organization’s future.

Workforce Transformation - SCALE


This marks the beginning of enterprise-wide training and the execution of the sustainment plan. At the outset of scale, Catalysts are supported with coaching from ExperiencePoint innovation experts to help remove initial barriers, refine the sustainment plan and instill catalyst confidence. We also equip the organization with a digitally-driven tool to reinforce innovation training and the behaviors and methods of human-centered design in people’s everyday work.

Once a culture of innovation is established and flourishing, the organization has the systems and mindsets in place to motivate, support and advance new initiatives. That’s when imaginative problem-solving and inventiveness becomes a way of life for an organization.

Put your customers at the center

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A human-centered approach flips traditional business strategy on its head. It places a razor-sharp focus on your customers, favoring a deep understanding of their wants and needs over the metrics and data points that so often impede the path to innovation.

ExperiencePoint’s workshops help organizations reframe each challenge they face from their customer’s perspective — ensuring that solutions address genuine user needs. This proven process virtually eliminates the risk of coming up with potentially unfeasible ideas because it never loses sight of the customer — the person who you are innovating for.

Our workshop participants walk away with the confidence to immediately implement customer-centric mindsets, processes and behaviors into their everyday work.

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