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Foster innovation, transformation, and change within your organization

Build your organization’s capability for design thinking with ExperiencePoint’s enterprise solutions.

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Enterprise Solutions

We’ll equip your organization with tools to reinforce the behaviors and methods of human-centered design in people’s everyday work.
Our proven approach teaches your organization how to scale design thinking by:

Training People

Enabling your people with the right skills

Developing and applying new skills

Running design sprints

Training Organizations

Creating the right conditions

Building processes that support new behaviors

Fostering a community of practice

Culture Of Innovation

Building a culture of innovation

Showing outcomes to keep the momentum going

Scaling design thinking has benefits for everyone


Gain the confidence to use human-centered mindsets, processes and behaviors in everyday work


Learn to speak the same language and rapidly create customer-centric solutions


Lower risks, move ideas towards implementation and consistently solve the right problems

Workforce Transformation - ACTIVATE

1. Activate


We’ll work closely with your core team to consider your organization’s unique rhythms, processes and systems. Expert facilitators will guide your core team through an agile design sprint. Teams develop and apply new skills and use them to solve business problems. 


Sprints are customized to your organization’s needs. Use them to improve policies or processes, focus on your customers or empower your people to do their best work.


The core team will also develop effective key performance indicators, and create a plan to grow and sustain new behaviors and skills.

Workforce Transformation - TRANSFER

2. Transfer


We’ll transfer our innovation expertise to “catalysts” – members of your organization we’ll train to be ambassadors for transformation. Catalysts complete ExperiencePoint’s Train-the-Trainer program so they can deliver ExperiencePoint workshops to their colleagues.


By transferring design thinking knowledge to others, catalysts sustain the momentum and embed human-centered design into your organization for the future

Workforce Transformation - SCALE

3. Scale


With support from ExperiencePoint experts, catalysts will focus on:


  • Removing initial barriers
  • Refining the sustainment plan and KPIs
  • Building their confidence in human-centered design
  • Training others through ExperiencePoint’s Train-the-Trainer program


We’ll help your organization establish infrastructure you need to keep scaling up.


We’ll guide you in developing governance models and supporting project work as your team’s capabilities increase.

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