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Insurance Industry Leader

Insurance Industry Leader

Inspiring top talent in insurance

We prepared a state insurance carrier to become the insurer of choice in its region and retain the best employees in a competitive talent market

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One of the United State’s leading providers of workers’ compensation insurance.

The Challenge

This organization had a vision of becoming the leading carrier of workplace compensation in their region by offering a world-class customer experience. They knew their goal depended on building a motivated and inspired workforce, at a time when internal cultural barriers made it difficult to share ideas, leaving employees feeling disengaged. Moreover, the company needed to ensure that they retained their best people in a competitive talent market.

The Solution

The company was ready to move forward with another innovation vendor, but wanted a simpler method that they could sustain on their own. ExperiencePoint knew that the company’s ability to break old habits depended on them owning the innovation process themselves. We kickstarted them on the Organization pillar of The ExperiencePoint Method, initiating the development of a culture of innovation that suited the style and constraints of the insurance world. We trained 20 employees to serve as catalysts — who helped cascade human-centered thinking throughout the organization — along with 700 leaders and 4,000 employees with our ExperienceInnovation™ Learn and ExperienceInnovation™ Apply workshops.

The Result

Human-centered design techniques, tools and habits have cascaded through the entire company, enriching customer service and revitalizing workplace culture. The company moved forward 15 new employee-generated projects in one year, resulting in new client services and a system for billing contractors. New employee opportunities and promotions abound; in fact, many employees have lauded their ExperiencePoint training as the “best moment” of their careers, completely reconfiguring their perception of their work’s impact. In addition, the company’s attractiveness as a workplace has skyrocketed in a competitive talent market.