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Innovation Training: ExperienceInnovation™ Apply

Innovation Training: ExperienceInnovation™ Apply

A hands-on workshop that takes teams through a full innovation sprint and equips them with the practical techniques of human-centered design


2 days




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Tackle a real project with human-centered design.

ExperienceInnovation™ | Apply is ideal for kickstarting a real innovation project for your organization. Explore how to solve your complex business problem in a guided and structured way, reducing cost, risk, time and avoiding the missteps that often arise when people or organizations are just getting started with innovation.

ExperienceInnovation™ is a family of experiential design thinking workshops built in collaboration with IDEO, a global design company. The workshops inspire and equip teams with the tools and mindsets they need to innovate and solve problems creatively.

Participant Profile

Teams that need to kickstart real innovation project work that impacts customers or internal stakeholders and executives who are developing or executing on a customer-centric business strategy and who need to deeply understand their current or future customers. 


In-person Details

2 day innovation workshop (in-person only)

Minimum 20 participants per session

Highly immersive and delivered in-person by an ExperiencePoint-
trained facilitator

Guided by one of our proprietary technology simulations


What you’ll learn

The hands-on practice of the key tools and techniques of the design thinking process in a de-risked and highly structured learning environment

How to interview and observe your customers to gain a deep understanding of what they really want and need

The design thinking process and how it’s applied to solve innovation challenges

How to adopt the daily mindsets and habits of a human-centered thinker

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