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Children’s Hospital

Children’s Hospital

Building innovation from within at a preeminent children’s hospital

We helped leaders across various hospital departments rethink old biases and replace them with creative ways of working.

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One of Canada’s most research-intensive hospitals and the largest centre dedicated to pediatrics.

The Challenge

As a revered and expansive paediatric teaching hospital and health sciences centre, this organization has a multipronged mandate in healthcare, research, clinical advancements and training. Several attempts to outsource recurring challenges led to unsustainable solutions. The hospital’s chief medical officer realized that innovation capabilities needed to be built into the workforce and was intrigued by the prospect of human-centered approaches.

The Solution

Working with the hospital’s chief medical officer, ExperiencePoint gave hospital leaders an opportunity to think differently about their staff, focusing on what motivates and empowers individual employees. We trained a group of 20 managers, frontline physicians, nurses and administrators in ExperienceInnovation™ Apply, framing the challenge around engagement and incentive. The workshops in human-centered thinking allowed participants to delve deep into old methodologies and reassess them.

The Result

Human-centered thinking is sweeping across the organization, changing the way employees in diverse departments tackle complex challenges in the health-care system. Among various outcomes, this shift has led to smoother transitions for patients leaving the hospital, and has expedited the availability of beds for incoming patients. For the second consecutive year, ExperiencePoint will be leading the training at the organization’s annual innovation event.