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Spark by ExperiencePoint™

Spark by ExperiencePoint™

Establish or reinforce innovation training and its daily practice


15 – 20 minutes


Virtual or In-person


Price upon request*

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Innovation isn’t a one-time thing. Our innovation training isn’t either.

Practice makes perfect. A workshop is an important first step for learning human-centered approaches to innovation. But in order to apply new training with confidence, you need to engage regularly with its tools and techniques.

That’s why we’ve launched Spark by ExperiencePoint™, a series of eight digital and interactive episodes of virtual learning for building change capabilities.

Each episode offers tools and methods designed to help every member of your organization apply what they’ve learned to their everyday work.

Spark by ExperiencePoint™ fortifies your workshop learnings so that human-centered approaches are continually used and reinforced throughout your organization.

Participant Profile

Anyone, regardless of their level, function or industry, can use the tools and techniques of human-centered design to drive success in their everyday work.

* Minimum cost of 20 participants apply. Subject to Delivery Team fees, expenses and other terms and conditions.


Virtual Details

Effective on its own, but most powerful when paired with one of ExperiencePoint’s ExperienceInnovation workshops.

Delivered live by one of ExperiencePoint’s expert facilitators.

Built to accommodate remote and virtual teams via weekly live, digital and interactive 15-minute episodes delivered via Zoom and/or via on-demand episodes at a learners leisure.

What you’ll learn

The tools and techniques of human-centered design in a quick, engaging and sustainable manner

A way to use innovation skills in your daily work

A powerful method of micro-instruction that can sustain and fortify your organization’s innovation strategy

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