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Our Commitment to Equity

ExperiencePoint recognizes that systemic racial, gender, and identity discrimination exists, is unjust and results in significant inequities in our modern world. We believe things can and must be better. EP is both improving its own in-house practices and using its power and platform to effect change in the broader world.

ExperiencePoint believes unequivocally that systemic racism and oppression against people who are Black, Indigenous and People of Colour exists. We also acknowledge that discrimination is a persistent reality for women, the LGBTQ2+ community and other groups. As a company, and as individuals, we are steadfast in our commitment to equity, and in light of recent and devastating events, are immediately focused on the ways in which we might do better in the pursuit of social justice and in the dismantling of racism within our communities and beyond.

Our summer has been filled with important learning, courageous conversation and critical self-reflection. Many of us are looking at the world with new eyes, heavy hearts, and a sense of urgency, hoping to address the many manifestations of racial inequality that these crucial discussions have highlighted.

In the wake of these reflections, our team has mobilized in two directions: inward and outward.

Looking inward, we are making strides to ensure that ExperiencePoint is a workplace in which all of our people feel entirely comfortable being themselves. In an effort to do so, our PeopleOps team is supporting personal learning journeys with educational resources and community guidelines. A full audit of our recruitment and development processes is underway with the goal of removing opportunities for bias at all levels. Diversity is a strength, and we as a company can only get stronger if we ensure that our team, including leadership, reflects the communities in which we live. Beyond policies and practices, we are working to ingrain new behaviours into our culture such as pausing to ask each other and ourselves “am I making decisions based on my own experience that can potentially exclude others?”.

In the same way that we are looking inward, we are also looking outward. Our workshops touch almost 100,000 people every year and represent an opportunity to highlight voices and achievements that are too often overlooked. As such, our Product and Creative teams have developed a new set of design principles to promote equity, diversity and inclusion. In addition to diversifying the photos we choose, the words we use and the stories we share in our experiences and materials, the principles also re-evaluate our approach to product design. By recognizing biases and highlighting the importance of diversity in innovation, it allows us to create better and more inclusive experiences.

These are but the first steps in a long and necessary journey. To make sure we start the journey right, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion will be a strategic priority for us over the next year. We recognize that we have not always made the right, most impactful or most pressing decisions with regards to these issues, and we will be strengthening our accountability by sharing quarterly updates on our progress. We are committed to doing what it takes to make ExperiencePoint a better place to work, and the world a better place to learn and grow.