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Iconic Brand

Iconic Brand

Growing your business when the whole world is already your customer

We helped an industry giant do what seemed impossible: expand their business despite already being a best-known brand.

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A multinational corporation and one of the world’s largest beverage manufacturers and distributors with over $35 billion USD in annual revenue.

The Challenge

With the goal of driving company-wide innovation, the CEO of this iconic brand had a new vision for the company’s future fueled by curiosity, experimentation and innovation. While employees in one of its European business units were excited by this new direction, they needed to understand how to integrate  new behaviors into their daily work in order to realize this vision

The Solution

ExperiencePoint was engaged to help activate these new behaviors by training all 600 employees and leaders in the European business unit and kickstarting the Organization Pillar of the The ExperiencePoint Method. The company employed a combination of ExperienceInnovation™ products to gain executive alignment among 120 members of the extended leadership team, and to catalyze innovation so they could accelerate business impact.

The Result

The European business unit radically redesigned several internal processes that led to substantial savings. In one key instance, a campaign briefing process went from a cumbersome multi-week operation to an energizing 90-minute design-driven collaboration. The result was $250,000 saved within the first three months, with that savings expected to repeat every quarter in perpetuity.