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Train-the-Trainer is an approach to training that builds in-house expertise. We certify your internal trainers who then teach other members of your organization. New skills and behaviors are quickly scaled across your organization and sustained by this committed team of internal experts.

Why Train the Trainer?

  • You’ll build essential power skills in an efficient and cost-effective way across your organization.
  • You’ll have internal experts walking the halls ready and able to support the work and ongoing skill-building of others.
  • You’ll develop a burgeoning community of practice that’s self-sufficient and able to address barriers to the adoption of new skills and behaviors.

Two ways to get certified

Train-the-Trainer is available in two different formats, depending on your needs. All formats include guidance and one-to-one feedback from one of our Expert Facilitators, ensuring you feel confident in delivering a world-class experience.

* Minimums apply. Subject to Delivery Team fees, expenses and other terms and conditions.


Cohort-based certification comes in two flavors:

  1. In-person cohort learning involves 2 days of hands-on training with a group of people from your organization. 
  2. Virtual cohort learning combines virtual live facilitated training supported by self-paced, online learning. 

Our cohort-based format enables you to:

  • Meet & engage with a network of like-minded facilitators and build lasting connections
  • Immerse yourself in the content of the specific workshop with interactive lessons 
  • Learn by doing through teach-backs and practice activities with peers / colleagues
  • Receive feedback from an Expert Facilitator at ExperiencePoint and your peers


Self-directed virtual learning gives participants 60 day access to complete the certification course which includes videos, readings, activities and quizzes.

Our digital platform enables you to:

  • Immerse yourself in the content of the specific workshop with interactive lessons 
  • Learn by doing with teach-backs and practice exercises
  • Test your knowledge with quizzes
  • Receive performance feedback from an Expert Facilitator at ExperiencePoint 

Why become a certified facilitator?

Certification enables you to:

Accelerate your career
Build your personal capability, visibility and credibility by teaching and supporting the work of others.

Empower your colleagues
Guide your team to develop and apply essential power skills in their daily work.

Elevate your organization
Tailor workshops to address your team’s specific needs and provide just-in-time coaching to ensure business results.

So your organization can:

Adopt new power skills
Internal experts are the best people to teach new skills as they have a deep understanding of your culture and industry.

Adapt organizational conditions
Internal experts identify barriers to adoption and shape organizational conditions to ensure new behaviors stick.

Achieve its strategy
Internal experts create, capture and share the business impact of their training to build momentum for more.

Participant requirements

Our digital workshop platform makes it easy for new facilitators to create exceptional learning experiences, and look like superstars in the process. Expertise deepens over time. But all superstars start with the following characteristics:
  • Keen about learning, innovation and human centered design
  • Able to capture the imagination of a room full of people
  • Strong public speaking skills
  • Committed to delivering two workshops per year
  • Eager to get invested in the uptake and success of sessions
  • Passionate about developing capabilities in others
ExperiencePoint certified facilitators enjoy access to resources, events, and a community of engaged peers and experts eager to share ideas and answer questions.

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