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Learn how to teach our human-centered approach to innovation.

In our live, virtual or in-person train-the-trainer workshops, participants learn and get certified to deliver three core ExperiencePoint workshops — ExperienceInnovation™ Aware, Learn or Apply — depending on the business need.

In the first phase of train-the-trainer, participants experience their chosen workshop with time included to practice delivering it to peers. With expert-guidance from an ExperiencePoint facilitator, participants are given feedback on their performance so they leave ready to be certified to deliver world-class innovation training. In the second phase, participants undertake self-directed practice for their chosen workshop, or workshops, and complete a virtual certification to become ExperiencePoint-trained facilitators.

Online learning is made available to help refresh ExperiencePoint-trained facilitators before they deliver a workshop themselves.

Additional Details

Delivered virtually or in-person

Highly immersive and delivered by an ExperiencePoint facilitator

Participants can be certified privately or publicly in our open enrollment workshops or online via our digital certification platform.


For organizations, Train-the-Trainer creates the capability to build, scale and sustain an internal innovation training program, while reducing an ongoing reliance on external partners to drive innovation. Companies can now do it themselves.

For partners and educators, a train-the-trainer certification provides them with a world-class innovation offering that they can learn quickly and bring to their clients and learners. Learn more about becoming a partner.

Participant requirements

A passion for innovation and human-centered thinking.

An existing ability to present in a clear and dynamic way.

Natural and learned skills in engaging people and facilitating discussion and collaboration.

Newly certified ExperiencePoint-trained facilitators must deliver a workshop two times in the 12-month period following their certification.

ExperiencePoint’s three core workshops are guided by one of our proprietary technology simulations. When an ExperiencePoint-trained facilitator delivers one of these core workshops, either internally or to a client, they must purchase simulation seats for workshop participants.

Note: Train-the-Trainer is not for individual learners or students.

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