ExperienceChange simulates the challenges of real world change, without the real world scars. From analysis through to planning and implementation, the experience delivers the essentials of a year-long change journey in a one-day workshop.

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leadership programs

"ExperienceChange is an indispensable part of our leadership curriculum. As a capstone experience, it's a fun and engaging activity that provides a full expression of an individual's background and what they've learned in the course."

Ron Franklin Center for Executive Education, Naval Postgraduate School

change initiatives

"This tool is a fabulous resource to develop change capability in leaders. Change is so subjective—it's a hard thing to develop in others."

Annabella Tamburro ING Direct

learning events

"The simulation itself is fantastic—not only does it effectively demonstrate the need for cohesive planning to ensure the buy-in required to implement change, it is also an incredible team building exercise that provides an excellent platform to explore team dynamics."

Warren Baxter The Refinery Leadership Partners

Choose among two award-winning scenarios


GlobalTech is highly siloed, internally focused, and failing to deliver what customers need.


Lakeview hospital needs to improve customer satisfaction while operating with extensive resource constraints.

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