Critical changes are happening—and need to succeed.

When the stakes are high, practice makes the difference. Build the confidence, skills and knowledge to make sure change delivers the results you expect.

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I need a change approach that people will understand and use.

Strengthen your change culture by getting people engaged and aligned behind a proven change framework. Success rates dramatically improve once everyone's on the same page.

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Change leadership is a key part of the training I’m designing.

With practical experience engaging with the “what's” and “how's” of successful change, your people will be ready, willing and able to play their role.

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We need new, innovative ways to hit our ambitious targets.

Get the experience to quickly generate and test ideas, and learn your way to great solutions. A human-centered approach ensures your ideas will be desirable, feasible and viable to maximize business impact.

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My organization needs to foster a culture of innovation.

Successful innovation starts with a deep understanding of the customer. Ground your culture in a human-centered approach to innovation, and innovation will become an instinctive part of everyday business.

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I'm designing an innovation training program. Help me!

Being innovative means applying the tools and techniques to create great solutions that are desirable for users, technically feasible and financially viable. The best part? Anyone can learn to do it.

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It's a quality experience from start to finish. Not only are the simulations and instructors world-class, but the service and support throughout the engagement is above and beyond.
Bill DeCristofano
The Wharton School
ExperiencePoint Case Study

New Culture of Innovation Leads to $100 Million in Savings

Read how this global technology giant built a culture of innovation on the strength of new design thinking skills, successfully navigating radical changes in the market and saving $100 million in their first year.

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ExperiencePoint Case Study

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