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Lead by ExperiencePoint™

Lead by ExperiencePoint™

Lead through innovation and transformation


90 minutes




Starting from $350 per participant*

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Lead through innovation and transformation. 

Lead by ExperiencePoint™ is a set of live, in-person or virtual and complementary workshops focused on the role of leaders in propelling and fostering innovation in an organization. 

Transform executives into innovative leaders so they can create a fruitful climate for innovation and drive impact.

Participant Profile

Any leader, regardless of their function or industry, who needs to successfully lead through innovation and transformation.

* Minimum cost of 20 participants apply. Subject to Delivery Team fees, expenses and other terms and conditions.


Virtual Details

Virtual delivery is by an ExperiencePoint facilitator via a video conferencing platform.

Lead by ExperiencePoint™ is guided by one of our proprietary technology simulations.

Available for 10 to 40 participants. Ask us about accommodating larger groups.


What you’ll learn

Mindsets   |  1.5 hours  |  The five mindsets of innovation leaders and best practices to enhance their work.

Skills  |  1.5 hours  |  Experience with and application of key techniques for supporting innovation.

Mindsets + Skills  |  3 hours  |  Our mindsets and skills workshops  delivered together.

Mindsets + ExperienceInnovation™ | Learn + Skills | 7.5 hours |  Our mindsets and skills workshops combined with our live, digitally-driven workshop, which gives participants hands-on practice with a realistic innovation project.

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