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Solutions for teams and organizations of all sizes

ExperiencePoint is a trusted innovation partner to clients of all sizes and at all stages of their innovation journey. Whether you are looking to bring innovation capabilities to your leaders, teams, business units or the entire enterprise, we have solutions to help you unlock your innovation potential.

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Workshops for a wide-range of business needs

Innovation Training Workshops for Leaders


Innovation Training Workshops for Teams


Innovation Training Workshops for Business Units

Business Units

Innovation Training Workshops for Enterprise

The Enterprise

Innovation Training Workshops For Corporate Events

Corporate Events

We’ve built our business around a simple principle: Innovation isn’t lightning in a bottle — it is a repeatable and scalable skill that can be learned and mastered by anyone.

At ExperiencePoint, our innovation training is founded on human-centered design, a problem-solving methodology that anticipates user needs and finds focused and imaginative solutions that reflect what customers truly want.

Our Solution Specialists are keen to understand your needs and desired outcomes and work with you to find the right solution.