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Technology Leader

Cutting $100 million in costs in technology infrastructure

We helped a multinational technology company secure massive savings in six months by building a consistent framework for human-centered problem solving

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The Global Operations Strategy team of a multinational computer technology giant and top-ranking Fortune 500 company.

The Challenge

This global industry leader in the technology space recognized that shifting market conditions had altered the playing field. As such, its Global Supply Chain group would have to think differently about how it collaborated to attract supplier attention and commitment. With innovation as a clear priority on their existing transformation roadmap, it was clear the group would have to re-examine their approach to problem-solving if they were going to achieve breakthrough solutions. But where would they begin?

The Solution

An ExperienceInnovation™ workshop was the foundation of the organization’s new Culture of Innovation program: a multi-year implementation roadmap bolstered by the human-centered method, which encompassed training, ongoing events and staffing. Through the ExperiencePoint Train-the-Trainer program, key influencers were able to rapidly scale capability building. Other departments took notice and followed suit, establishing human-centered design as the company’s new guiding force for innovation and impact.

The Result

  • In the “State of the Union” employee survey, approximately 80% of employees said their ability to innovate and create value had improved.
  • Several key projects enhanced by human-centered design techniques have netted in excess of $100 million in savings for the company.
  • Collaboration has been embraced company-wide: “We’re getting people together to figure out how to solve these problems, they’re coming up with great ideas and they’re hitting the bottom line,” says the Procurement Director.