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Pharmaceutical Giant

Pharmaceutical Giant

Making a pharmaceutical company’s culture as innovative as their breakthrough drugs

We helped a bio-pharmaceutical company build innovation capabilities in every corner of their organization, empowering them to improve the way they develop the world’s most important drugs.

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A world bio-pharmaceutical company with over 45,000 employees in 70+ countries.

The Challenge

Compared with tech giants like Apple and Google, this company felt the pharmaceutical industry was falling behind on innovation. The problem seemed acute in their own workforce, where protocols moved slowly and legacy colleagues were resistant to change. When an internal survey produced low-innovation scores, executives designated a team to investigate the problem and find a way to build internal capability.

The Solution

The team wanted a partner with a clear and accessible approach to innovation capability building; they envisioned training that would touch every part of their organization and apply to advanced senior scientists and administrative professionals alike. ExperiencePoint helped the company  build a team of catalysts — employees who help cascade human-centered thinking and design throughout an organization — by targeting ambitious people in the company. We proceeded to train the 20 selected catalysts in ExperienceInnovation™ Apply and Train-the-Trainer. These catalysts then kickstarted ExperienceInnovation™ training among 80 other employees and sold its success back to executives.

The Result

Our training has brought innovation to all corners and facets of business; in fact, every project the company pursues now begins by going through ExperiencePoint’s “ideate” phase. In the realm of research and patient-care, new problem-solving skills have sparked the development of tracking accessories for dermatological diseases. In biotech, our training has hastened progress towards virtual drug testing. A new system has facilitated collaboration between senior managers and younger employees, streamlining the protocol review process and maximizing the diversity of perspectives. Numerous other services have been radically optimized through our training in human-centered thinking.