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Food and Beverage Leader

Food and Beverage Leader

Changing the way leaders lead at the top of the food and beverage industry

We helped a household name in the food and beverage industry revitalize their learning and development leadership and create a new system for their advancement and promotion.

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One of the world’s largest food companies with over 290,000 employees globally and over $90 billion USD in annual revenue.

The Challenge

This world-renowned organization had a new CEO with a bold outlook and fresh ambitions, including a vision to become consumer obsessed. Top executives knew that enhanced learning and development capabilities would be essential in realizing their new mandate, and wanted leaders to play a key role in inspiring customer-centric activity. To achieve this, the department needed to find innovative ways to refresh and enliven leadership engagement.

The Solution

The company  began the process internally with a deep-dive into research on leadership. ExperiencePoint helped them reframe their business challenge with a human-centered approach that focused on leaders’ experiences, concerns and needs. ExperiencePoint encouraged the company to consider their entire spectrum of leaders, from very tenured people to new recruits, taking into account the existing range in enthusiasm and engagement. The training began with 20 employees participating in an ExperienceInnovation™ Learn workshop and 10 senior leaders participating in an ExperienceInnovation™ Apply workshop, including the Head of Corporate Learning and Training and the Vice President of Human Resources. A customized third day was added to the two-day workshop to allow for additional prototype-testing and presentations of learnings to senior executives, including the company’s Chief People Officer.

The Result

ExperienceInnovation™ Apply helped senior leaders create a leadership track that systematized advancement and promotion in learning and development. Leaders now feel empowered to take risks and look outside their department for inspiration and productive collaboration. Moreover, the company has laid the groundwork for a larger behavioural shift toward customer-centric approaches. This change in perspective is coupled with a structural shift that sees the Head of Corporate Learning and Training and the Vice President of HR reporting directly to the U.S. CEO.