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Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

Winning a bid by understanding the customer

We helped a global facilities infrastructure company win a major bid by leveraging the power of human-centered design.

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The Challenge

In 2019, the sales team of a global facilities infrastructure company was tasked with responding to a large-scale RFP. The team recognized that winning the bid would require a stand-out approach that demonstrated their full commitment to the client and that client’s valued customers.

The Solution

With the guidance of an ExperienceInnovation Learn workshop, the sales team applied the mindsets and methods of design thinking to their sales process. They used empathy-based interviews and observations to gather unique insights related to the client’s users and their needs. Where the sales team had previously been guided by the feedback of superintendents, principals and facilities managers, they now looked to broader data and information from the people who would actually use their client’s buildings.

The Result

  • After presenting in-depth research on the client’s users as part of the RFP, the company did more than win the bid; their contract was increased from$2M to $30M. 
  • The company secured this additional funding because they demonstrated a deep understanding of the customer’s audience, an understanding that went beyond technical, feasibility and viability lenses.
  • The company has committed to further developing their design thinking capabilities, embedding the practice into sales processes across other target markets.