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Ramzi Rahbani

Ramzi Rahbani

Vice President of Product, Design & Engineering

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Ramzi Rahbani has always been fascinated by the speed, mechanics and engines of cars. Set on pursuing a career in mechanical engineering from a young age, Ramzi’s love for competitive technology alternatively steered him into the business realm, where he led digital-product teams to success. Today, that same love of innovative technology is what drives him as ExpereincePoint’s VP of Product, Design & Engineering.

In his role at ExperiencePoint, Ramzi helps define the future of learning and development while also contributing towards the company-wide mission of assisting others to become better innovators. As the product, design and engineering team leader, Ramzi strongly encourages sharing ideas with like-minded practitioners.

Ramzi began his professional journey in 2006 at McGill University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Engineering. In 2014, Ramzi then attained a Masters of Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business. Ramzi rose the corporate ladder quickly, going from Senior Manager of Digital Strategy at Scotiabank to Customer Platforms Director at President’s Choice Financial in only a few years.

In 2021, Ramzi crossed paths with ExpereincePoint and was immediately struck by the passion and transparency showcased on behalf of the company’s co-founders. Ramzi subsequently joined the organization, and since that time, he has proven himself to be one of the most effective additions to the team yet.

Believing in your potential has always been a critical theme in Ramzi’s personal and professional life. As a loving husband and father of one, he believes that self-improvement is the most important project you can ever work on. Ramzi’s favorite aspect of working at ExperiencePoint is the endless possibilities associated with scaling innovation. He envisions a future where the company evolves to formally include tech-enabled products in its arsenal of top training modules and innovation workshops.