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We help unlock innovation potential

ExperiencePoint is the world’s leading corporate innovation training company. For 25 years, we’ve helped organizations around the world rethink conventions and blaze paths for record growth.

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Pioneers in human-centered approaches to innovation

At ExperiencePoint, we know our clients can achieve lasting cultures of innovation in which confident problem-solvers propel business, and the world, forward. We provide clients with the necessary skills and frameworks so they are empowered to solve business challenges for themselves and make their people the innovation geniuses. We tell our clients: “You are the ones you’ve been waiting for.”

The ExperiencePoint Method trains people and organizations

We know that training people how to innovate is only half of the journey towards creating a lasting culture of innovation. Equally important is our principle that organizations need teaching too. Why? Organizations, like people, can be creatures of habit. Old routines and behaviors that impede innovation can be stubbornly entrenched in company culture through traditional systems, structures and norms.

That’s why there are two key components to the ExperiencePoint innovation capability system: the Right Skills and the Right Conditions.

Training People

Enable your people with the right skills

Our workshops and role-specific learning journeys will teach your people the power of design thinking, building the right skills for innovation in your organization.

Training Organizations

Create the right conditions

Our proven processes, systems and structures will enable your organization to support and sustain innovation capability.

Culture Of Innovation

Culture of Innovation

The ExperiencePoint innovation capability system creates trailblazing companies, fluent in human-centered approaches to innovation.

ExperiencePoint enables you to unleash your people’s innovation genius so you can create a lasting culture of innovation

The ExperiencePoint Method maximizes your innovation impact by building human-centered capabilities directly into your organization’s core. We’re not here to fix your challenge for you; instead, we transfer our proven expertise without creating dependencies, empowering your people to be geniuses and drive company-wide innovation themselves. Our method, your genius.

Unlocking Innovation Genius

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Human-centered design: Our approach to innovation that anyone can learn and master

Team working collaboratively around table

Human-centered design (HCD) is the foundation of The ExperiencePoint Method because it redefines innovation as a simple and repeatable process. Breakthrough ideas might occasionally strike like lighting, but sporadic genius is difficult to leverage as a reliable business model. Human-centered design demystifies innovation by making it less about random inspiration and more about focused inquiry. By reframing a problem or challenge from a real person’s perspective, human-centered design sets you up to find innovative solutions that genuinely address customer needs.