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23 Years in the game
3,100 Facilitators
380,694 Participant experiences (and counting)
83 Countries

ExperiencePoint is an award-winning training company that develops innovation and change management workshops that are transforming the way people learn, manage change and solve complex problems.

We're known for experiences that stand out from the pack.

Built on established theory but grounded in realistic business problems, our simulation experiences challenge people to roll up their sleeves, stretch outside their comfort zones, and build confidence and commitment to make an impact.

Our workshops are just the beginning.

ExperiencePoint is a place where creative, smart, lifelong learners thrive. From our innovation specialists to our change management specialists to our global network of facilitation partners, we live what we teach every day in our own work. We're always looking for new ways to make experience-based learning work better for our customers.

Transform the way you learn, manage change and solve problems.

As innovation and change experts, every year we help more than 50,000 people across seven continents flex their creativity and turn theory into action.


To make experience a better teacher by making it faster, safer, and sharply focused.


We imagine a world where people can engage in complex challenges with confidence and competence.


We learn by doing.

Experiment to explore and understand

Make mistakes and fail better

Have the humility to listen, ask for help, and try again

We serve our clients and one another with authenticity and excellence.

Give more than we take

Under-promise and over-deliver

Follow up fast

We build products, relationships and the business.

Start with desirability

Playing offense

Believing anything is possible

We own our work and the way we get it done.

Say what needs to be said

Do the right thing

Do what it takes

At the end of the day, family comes first.

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