"ExperiencePoint gets it! Not only is the simulation well designed and engaging but the support of the technical team and administration group is second to none. As a facilitator, I could not have asked for more."

Stephen Baetz Live Consultants

"The ExperiencePoint approach to learning and applying change management principles is effective, engaging and fun all at the same time. The session was beneficial both as a learner and as a future facilitator."

Joann Paton TransAlta

"ExperiencePoint has a team of very competent and dependable people - who are also easy and fun to work with. Add to this their comprehensive and practical simulation delivered off a reliable technology platform - and you have a powerful combination"

Shyam Viswanathan Independent Consultant

"Training is comprehensive. Technical and process support is excellent. Simulation is engaging, informative, and easy to use. Participants just loved it!"

Mike Roberto Bryant University

"As a trainer and consultant who has delivered multiple engagements using ExperiencePoint simulations I can say that they are an absolute pleasure to work. Their offerings are top notch and their support is fantastic. ExperiencePoint's staff demonstrates a proactive and unwavering commitment to ensuring that each delivery is the best it can be, which makes me look great to my clients. Not to mention, they are simply a good bunch of folks."

Jim Lilkendey University of Florida

"As close to the real thing as you can get."

Edwin Ding Exxon Mobil

"Great simulation. Completely applicable to the business world. If more Leadership teams understood this—the world would be a better place."

Jeff Boyd Operation Explore, Inc.

"ExperiencePoint simulations are great tools to give people real world experiences in a 'near-real' environment. Gaming allows people to connect to the content with ease and fun at the same time."

Lyall Samaroden Bench Solutions

"This simulation is a great resource for Executive Education programs. It is highly engaging and it is a great way to give senior managers a hands-on experience with a design thinking process they can use to become more innovative."

Doug Austrom Turning Point Associates

"Four hours that could change your life!"

Alison Drewall VF Corporation